Feb 4, 2020



60 min

Topic: Microgrids design, P2P production and consumption of green energy, especially from PV installations at the local level, can reduce carbon footprint of communities and ensure relative self – sufficiency for communities, individuals, businesses.

Questions: What are the conditions for participation and trading in Slovakia in the framework of such peer-to-peer communities? What solutions and investments in grid and distribution are needed to improve public services and energy capacity?

Goals: The objective of the panel is to identify and assess the design of conditions for community involvement and active participation in the purchase and sale of electricity, for example in the neighbourhood. Identification of barriers, including regulatory.

  • Miranda Janse (NL)


  • Marta Szigetti Bonifert (HU)


  • Peter Tauš (SK)

    FBERG TUKE, Vedúci oddelenia OZE

  • Michal Hudec (SK)


  • Ivan Trpčevski (SK)


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